We Wish You a Happy New Year

Hey friends! We had several more episodes planned for this season of A Podcast For Christmas, but we hit holiday burnout, and we hit it hard. So we’re going to practice some self-care and end the season earlier than expected. We will be back in full swing next year, but for now, please enjoy some outtakes with Mike and Sean from our music episode earlier this season. Until next time, may your years be new and your resolutions be reasonable.

How ‘The Santa Clause’ Epitomized ’90s Masculinity

Tighten your sash and grunt like a big dumb ape, because this week we’re honoring the classic holiday tradition of identity theft! That’s right, we’re talking about ‘The Santa Clause,’ the 1994 family comedy that took Tim Allen from tool time to yule time. We talk about Bernard the sexy dreadlocked elf, casual Christmas falafel, toxic masculinity, and … QAnon? It’s all hot cocoa and body horror down at the Podcast For Christmas headquarters, so shove a kayak under the tree and let’s Krumholtz!

Bob’s Burgers and the Meaning of Life

Loosen your belts and kill the turkey, because today marks the official unofficial start of the Christmas season! That’s right, it’s Thanksgiving Day, and what better way to celebrate than with America’s most wholesome animated family, The Belchers? On this episode of A Podcast For Christmas, we yak about TV’s Bob’s Burgers and their canonical Thanksgiving episode, “An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal,” and is it possible that we stumble onto the meaning of life along the way? We’re having mashed potatoes with a side of absinthe, so unglue yourself from that toilet seat and let’s gobble!

Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Music Episode

Change all your radio presets to B101 because it’s time to talk Christmas music! Whether you love it or hate it, Christmas music is an inescapable element of the holiday season, and we hope you’ll find our first-ever music-obsessed episode equally unavoidable and all-consuming. Your hosts are joined this week by family and friends to discuss all-time favorites, guilty pleasures, nostalgia, and the Grade A electronic cheese of Sir Paul McCartney. We’re rocking all the way around the Christmas tree this week, so grab your Casio keyboard and your grocery store six-pack and let’s boogie!

‘Four Christmases,’ Four Americas

This week, we venture into the dark heart of the American experiment with a nativity play, a bounce house, and some of your favorite distressingly right-wing actors. It’s ‘Four Christmases,’ a certifiable not-classic that nevertheless holds some highly specific value for our hosts. We talk about childlessness by choice, Peak Vince Vaughn Territory, singers who act in movies but don’t sing in them, and the undervalued comedy stylings of Reese Witherspoon. It’s a nightmare landscape peopled with backyard wrestlers and fat Jesus babies, so grab your Velveeta dip and your pregnancy test and let’s quadruple the Christmas!

‘Twas ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ – Season 3 Premiere!

Welcome to the third season of A Podcast For Christmas! And what better way to kick off the Christmas season than with a Halloween movie? In this season premiere episode, we talk about ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas,’ the classic Tim Burton film that is somehow not directed or even written by Tim Burton. There’s pumpkin kings and oogie boogie men and no small amount of cultural appropriation afoot, so grab your candy corn and your Jack Skellington hand puppets and let’s make Halloween a Christmas thing!

A ‘Candy Coated’ Comeback Episode!

Aaaaaaaand we’re back! And not a moment too soon! Your gracious hosts have taken a break from podcasting this season, but we couldn’t ignore Food Network & Discovery Plus’s ‘Candy Coated Christmas,’ starring (kind of) everyone’s favorite home cook, the Pioneer Woman herself, Ree Drummond! Fans of the show will know why we could not pass up this cavity-inducing gem, and fans of food media will be delighted to find that this episode is about 90% blathering about YouTube cooking shows. There’s something for everyone in this seasonal one-off, so plop down with some figgy-ass pudding and get into it!

Hot Christmas (Bonus Episode)

It’s that time of year again (kind of)! Christmas in July is upon us, so take a break from the godawful heat and smothering humidity to enjoy some outtakes from Season One of A Podcast For Christmas. We’ll be back this fall with more weather-appropriate banter to put you in that cookie-baking, stocking-hanging, crippling-anxiety-at-the-thought-of-spending-hours-with-family-members-who-vote-wrong-and-don’t-mind-telling-you-why spirit!

This ‘Christmas Sweater’ Does Not Spark Joy

***SPOILERS AHEAD*** There’s an old saying: “Never kiss a man in a Christmas sweater.” Okay, maybe it’s not an old saying, or a saying at all, but Maggie (Ashley Williams) sure seems to think it is! She’s a schoolteacher on a snowy military base who “accidentally” beats a Christmas-sweater-wearing architect named Lucas (Niall Matter) nearly to death with the business end of a Douglas fir. Now Lucas is out of commission and Maggie is feeling guilty. Luckily, there’s only one way to rebalance the universe when you’ve broken a stranger’s ankle: Lock him up in your guest hose and force-feed him gingerbread Frank Lloyd Wrights until he falls in love with you! What could go Frank Lloyd Wrong? Find out on another death-defying hour of A Podcast For Christmas!

’12th Date’ Rolls Up a Buche de Noel Full of Charm

***SPOILERS AHEAD*** Next up in our yuletide safari through the jungle of jingle is On the 12th Date of Christmas, in which Iowa native Jennifer (Mallory Jansen) tries to make a name for herself as a game creator in cutthroat Chicago while butting heads with Aidan (Tyler Hynes), her reluctant and standoffish collaborator. As part of a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt game, they are all but forced to spend a romantic week together, even as they vie for the same promotion. Do sparks begin to fly? Is there baking involved? Are mulled spices on the menu? Find out on another thrilling hour of A Podcast For Christmas!