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Who are you people anyway?

We’re a couple of people who love each other and love movies and love Christmas and need a hobby. We’re workaholics who have a very hard time relaxing, and since we haven’t learned how to make bread during lockdown, it’s either this or being the mid-30-somethings that get into TikTok.

Why Hallmark Christmas movies?

Listen to the first episode to learn why! No but really, there’s something about the cookie-cutter nature of these movies that fascinates us and we think deserves to be looked into. You can simultaneously enjoy a Hallmark Christmas movie in its own right, enjoy it as a puzzle to be solved, and/or enjoy it because you hate it. Win win win.

Are you just going to be mean?

No! While we have been known to be extra cynical and/or critical and/or professional killjoys, we’re entering this endeavor with the purest of intentions. We reserve the right to be critical where appropriate, but we also recognize tearing these movies apart is pretty low hanging fruit.

What’s your favorite Christmas…?

A: Keeping the tree lights on all night on Christmas Eve.
M: Watching our favorite Christmas episodes of TV while decorating the tree. (The Office, New Girl, Bob’s Burgers)

A: “Christmastime is Here” by Vince Guaraldi Trio
M: “Step Into Christmas” by Elton John

Present from when you were a kid
A: Gogo My Walking Pup in like 1990. I still remember the commercial. Pretty sure my mom still has this in her attic somewhere.
M: Regular Nintendo with Super Mario Bros. 3 in about 1993. And I didn’t beat the game until 2019.

Movie (non-Hallmark)
A & M: A Christmas Story
(We tried picking different ones but what’s the point? Except for the racist parts it’s the best.)

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